Salt Lamp Decorating Idea

When you first receive your Himalayan Salt Lamp from the Salt Lamp Store, one of the questions we get is where is the most optimal place to put your new Salt Lamp.

It depends. Did you buy your Salt Crystal Salt Lamp for it’s beauty and uniqueness or did you buy it for it’s health and wellness benefits? Or is it both?

We are going to show some of the favorite places that we have seen them placed, then you decide:


Our natural salt lamps are perfect for your bedroom, and are good anywhere you put them. Here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Besides its beauty and health and wellness attributes, it can also make for the perfect night light. We recommend that you put it on a dresser, or on a night stand, or even on the floor near your doorway or close to your bathroom. This way you can easily see where you are going if you happen to get up in the middle of the night.

2. Are you sensitive to light? If so, you might want to consider putting your salt lamp on the floor towards the foot board and lower the light with the dimmer cord we include with your purchase to a level that will not interupt your sleep.

Choosing a Himalayan Salt lamp for your bedroom:

It depends on what you are looking for. Personally we have a persian salt lamp on the floor because it is darker in color which is always nice in a bedroom, but even himalayan salt lamps are great when you use the dimmer to control how bright it is.

Children’s Bedroom

This is the perfect nightlight for them, especially if they are afraid of the dark.

On the floor near their bed with the light on at whatever level is most comfortable for them. Not to bright, but enough to where they are able to sleep well, while as a parent you are giving your children the health and wellness benefits that a salt lamp will be for them:

Choosing a Salt lamp for your children’s bedroom:

We suggest choosing one of our a smaller lamps such as a Himalayan or Persian lamps that would be the perfect choice for their room


Family Room

If your family room is used the most than you might want to consider some of these places to put them

On the End table to the right or left of your sofa, or on the floor by the sofa or near your lounge chair. We have also seen people put it on the mantle of their fireplace or on the floor to the right or left of it or in a bookcase. Turn it all the way up when in the room, and if you like it dark when you are watching TV, turn it down with the dimmer cord we include with your purchase.

Choosing a Salt lamp for the family room:

We suggest because this room is generally the larger room in the house that you go with a larger Himalayan or Polish Salt Lamp. Also, a Serenity Bowl on your coffee table will really enhance your family rooms look.

Living Room/Dining Room Area

Many of the people that buy a salt lamp for this room generally want it for their beauty to enhance the room, and to get the healtful benefits that it offers.

It will sit perfectly on any piece of furniture that you would have in that room. On a coffee table, french buffet, end table or coffee table, on the floor near a lamp… whatever looks best!

Choosing a Salt lamp for your living or dining room:

Finding a salt lamp for this room can be fun. There are so many choices for you to consider. From our beautiful Himalayan Lamps, Persian, Polish and White are always great choices. And if you are looking for something unusual then are shaped lamps are also a great way to go.

For the dining room table, a Serenity Bowl can really add a touch of elegance to the room.

In Your Study or Office

A salt lamp in this room can help really help you stay focused, energetic and lift your mood.

What we have seen many do is put this in their book shelf or on their desk near them. Turn the light all the way up to get those negative ions moving!

Choosing a salt lamp for your study or office:

We suggest that you consider more of a medium sized lamp for your study. Any type would be great. Personally either a Polish or White Salt Lamp would be our preference but they are all great.

Next to Your Computer

Working on a computer for any length of time can be very tiresome, that is where our natural salt lamps come in. They can help keep you focused and energize you while using your computer.

We suggest that you keep the salt lamp near your monitor or laptop, definitely within eye shot to help calm you while doing your thing. Same thing with this lamp, turn the light all the way up to get those negitive ions moving!

Choosing a salt lamp by your computer:

We suggest that you consider more of a smaller sized lamp, possibly a Himalayan or Persian Salt Lamp would be a good choice for you.

In a Smoky Room

Salt lamps are a great way to help keep odors down in a smoky room.

Place salt lamps around the smoky area to reduce tobacco odors and other smells.

Choosing a salt lamp for a smoky room:

We suggest that you consider a sized lamp, like a Himalayan or Polish Salt Lamp that has the larger sizes available. Realizing that any lamp will be fine but since you’re dealing with odors, the larger the better!

Anywhere in Your Home or Office

Salt lamps are gorgeous to look at, calming and soothing features as well the health and wellness attributes that it brings to your home or office.

Put them on the floor, on a shelf, in a book case or table, in a reading room… anywhere that you would like to have them is where you should put them.

Choosing a salt lamp for your home or office:

Any of our salt lamps would be great in your home or office. Take a look at them, then look at your room and buy the lamp that is perfect for you.