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Himalayan Salt Lamps - Healthy Natural Salt Lamps to Purify the air


USB Natural Salt Lamps to help counter EMF Organically

Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps - cubed, round and other shapes available

Natural Salt Lamps are perfect for your home or office, and are a great night light for your kids!

About the Salt Lamps Store and our Natural Salt Lamps

Welcome to The Salt Lamp Store

We offer high quality Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for sale to our customers. 

As you go through this website, you will find a variety of Himalayan Salt Lamps, in all shapes and sizes.  Plus, we have candle holders carved out of Himalayan salt, and basket and bowls filled with Himalayan rocks to choose from.  These salt lamps produce deep beautiful rich colors giving a far more soothing light to any room in your home or office. They come from from millions-year-old pristine seabeds at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Polish Salt Caves and rare Persian Salt Beds from around the world so they not only look great, they also put out healthy negative ions, that give you more energy and greater health.

Benefits of Salt Lamps

There have been many claims that salt lamps give many health benefits (particularly Hymaliyan salt lamps due to its ability as a negative ion generator). They are made from salt mined from Himalayan salt rock. Properties of salt lamps are believed to range from preventing cancer to purifying the air. This ionizing trend which seemingly boosts human health by releasing negative ions into the air comes from the far East. But how do natural salt lamps help improve our health... Read more.

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