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If you are like us and are intrigued by the beauty of Himalayan Salt Lamps, then you're going to love this website.  From our own experience we have Salt Lamps throughout our home, partially because of how great they look but also because of how we feel with them being around us. 

Find top selling Himalayan Salt Lamps, including: 

Standard natural Salt Lamps, to different shapes, to where you can connect your Salt Lamp to your computer via USB, Salt Lamp Rock Bowls and Baskets as well as night lights!

Here are some of our favorite Salt Lamps:

This lamp is perfect either on the floor or on top of a piece of furniture.  The price is incredible, we have one similar to this that we bought several years ago and paid much for it.

Looking for something unique in Salt Lamps?  These cubed lamps are beautiful and are always a conversation piece whenever you have guests over. 

Alright, couldn't resist another shaped salt lamp.  Like above the Pyramid Salt Lamp jumps out in any room that it is kept.  We keep ours on an end table next to the couch.  Like the Cubed lamp, it's elegance just jumps out at you.

It is believed that Salt Lamps can help with blocking EMF because they release negative ions so this USB Salt Lamp is perfect to have next to your computer or laptop, plus you'll love its soft glow when plugged in. 

If you are looking looking for a salt rock lamp basket, look no further.  This one is a top seller with over 2500 purchases and receives 4 1/2 stars.  It comes with a dimmable cord to set the brightness at any level you want.  

The hand crafted Salt rock Bowl Lamp is similar to the basket except that the bowl is made of salt rock with Himalayan Salt rocks inside of it.  It too is a top seller and well worth having it in your home.

If you use nightlights in your home, especially for you childrens room then you're going to love these.  They put a soft soothing glow that will help your children in the dark but without that bright light that many night lights put out. 

About Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are usually harvested from the mines of Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan.  Once removed, they take large chunks of the Himalayan Rocks, shape and hollow them out at the bottom, insert a light bulb and cord, and most of the time they come with a wooden base. When turned on, they emit a warm beautiful glow that seems to create a calming feeling to any room they are in.

Many people choose to add Salt Lamps to their home or office because they look great, the different shapes and sizes and the way they light up a room.  For others it is for the health benefits, it is believed when a room they emit negative ions that can help combat EMF from electronics and that they seem to boost human health by releasing negative ions into the air.

It is also believed that the properties of salt lamps purify the air and can help with allergies, asthma or diseases that affect respiratory function and more.