Benefits of Salt Lamps

There have been many claims that salt lamps give many health benefits (particularly Hymaliyan salt lamps due to its ability as a negative ion generator). They are made from salt mined from Himalayan salt rock. Properties of salt lamps are believed to range from preventing cancer to purifying the air. This ionizing trend which seemingly boosts human health by releasing negative ions into the air comes from the far East. But how do natural salt lamps help improve our health?

1. Reducing Asthma and Allergy Reactions

The fact that Himalayan salt inhalers have been made available, and they seem to have a tremendous effects on respiratory conditions like asthma, and bronchitis, just to mention a few rules in favor of natural salt. Himalayan salt lamps are believed to be able to filter indoor air off mildew, dust, microscopic mold, and pet dander particles.

2. To Improve Breathing

Studies have shown that the negative ions boost cilial activity. Cilia are microscopic hairs lining in the windpipe (or trachea). If more negative ions are released in the air your lungs will be kept cleaner from any foreign particle. Theoretically, salt lamps help to you filter air thereby keeping the lungs clean.

3. Increases Energy Levels

This is one of the boldest claims to date regarding salt lamps. Because the positive ions released deprives our body of energy, Himalayan salt lamps can help you become more energetic. The link between coming out in nature (here negative ions are in abundance) and feeling invigorated is associated with natural salt lamps too.

About two caveats is the amount of negative ions that is seen as sufficient for our improving our health. So the question is, are the energizing effects that results from being in nature caused solely by negative ions outside or are there any other factors like the beautiful scenery, and fresh air in play?

4. Encourages Better Sleep

Another very popular claim about salt lamps is that they help you get better sleep. The theory here is that being overly exposed to positive ions released in the air can result in a reduction of oxygen and blood supply to the human brain which in turn results in irregular sleep patterns. So when the salt lamp releases negative ions, it lessens the negative effects of positive ions thereby promoting healthy sleep.

5. Reduces Infections Contracted Through the Air

Salt lamps promote general wellness by naturally releasing negatively charged ions which improve our health. In contrast, positive ions that are emitted from heaters, fluorescent lights, and air conditioners among other electrical appliances can have devastating health effects like promoting airborne infections and cancerous chemicals. A salt lamp can balance both the positive and negative ions thereby enhancing the overall air quality in your home and even help in relieving allergies.

Negative ions also helps to protect you against the adverse effects of positive ions like reduced energy levels and poor mood. In addition, salt lamps can neutralize the air to improve mental health and service dog emotional support. Salt lamps can also reduce dust, bacteria, smoke, and other allergens from the air


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